Karam Saber

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Karam Saber

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  1. Free pen March 14, 2014 at 10:06 am ·

    Unfortunately it is the prevalence of fraud and naming things without denominations has become slander and cash lying Tgmla , hypocrisy, fraud ploy and intelligent and delightful attack on the holy sites of the basics of thought and culture until it became naming things other than what they need for life and an urgent need for the vaunted Scientific and Cultural dealers speech and vendors of deceit and media artwork.
    The ordinary people are stung by fire and these lie Alavaqan until they became like the straw in the wind -driven minds of Osmoa themselves (b elite critics and writers ) Vsaroa Ihrcnhm as they wish in any terms they want ..!
    In light of current conditions in the Egyptian society and the invisible hands that messing around here and there .. ..! ! The writer Karam Saber Ibrahim exploiting religion to promote the literary work with a view to sedition and contempt and disdain for a heavenly religions and sects belonging to it under the name of ” freedom of thought and expression ,” where he wrote and distributed collection of short stories called ” Where God ” works to spread the ideas of the range , ” Jehovah’s Witnesses ” and working to doubt God and the cynicism of the statutes and the provisions of the law and may court ruled BPA partial in Beni Suef , Egypt in its history 11/03/2014 AD support the judgment of five years in prison on the lawyer and writer famous ” Karam Saber Ibrahim,” the founder of the land Center for human Rights author novel “Where is God ” and treaded that exceed the divine and a mockery of the provisions of Islam and Sharia and Fraúdha ..
    All returns the case to April 12, 2011 AD , offering news editor ( ( Hashim Ahmed Abdel Tawab ) ), the first of its kind communication stamped novelist since the outbreak of the revolution on January 25 – the first tip of its kind in Upper Egypt .
    Communication to Chancellor Hamdi Farouq the Attorney General Beni Suef number ( 660 for the year 2011 ) against the writer and lawyer Karam Saber owner anecdotal Where God has solidarity with the editor both of the lawyer / Mohamed Sayed Tantawi and Mohammed Fathi Suleiman, Mohammed Hassan Sabki and many lawyers .
    Writer and lawyer .. as he said himself he publish and distribute writing impudent , dubbed “Where is God,” which dealt with the essential elements for the establishment of Islamic law in pictures of short stories inspired by the ideas of the West atheists and Maacherthm and took the writer slang to be easy to fool the simple and general book contains many phrases and words that are offensive to Islam and distort the image and working to doubt God , religion and creed.
    The beginning of the events :
    Income Karam Saber to the province of Beni Suef hiding in the guise of righteousness and piety and good deeds and took the manor Rashwan of the village of Taha Bayshah Center BPA goal in spreading his ideas atheist extremist yet know about Ohalaa extreme suffering from problem homes land endowment , where is the ” founder of the Land Center for Human Rights” was initially the distribution of books and magazines to the center of the earth and then set up seminars and meetings with parents even gained the confidence of the people and make sure the weakness of religious consciousness and religious culture and distributed writing impudent “Where is God ” on the peasants and the people by hand.
    I was surprised Professor / praise Abdul Naeem Muhammad School Taha Bisha primary question the student / Fatima Imad master ” third grade ” ( sod Chauvet This book in something called Where God ) was the beginning of the disaster book titled Where God and Atmospheric by many child pornography and asking the student for the source of the book and how to get it turns taking the student writers from the home of her grandfather , where he visited one of the individuals grandfather and gave him the book went Professor / praise Abdul bliss to her husband Sheikh / Mahmoud Ibrahim, ” inspector preaching mosques endowments ” to look at the source of the book and the extent of insulting Islam and the doctrine was handed the book to the editor / Ahmed Abdel Tawab Hashim, who take over the investigation and the investigation of the narrator and the source .
    Investigation and the investigation show that the so-called Karam Saber Ibrahim went to the manor Rashwan in March 2011 and took the current circumstances after the revolution and lack of control , security and trust of the people by and distributed the book to many people of Homestead and the deposit of several copies of the book in the Children’s Library .
    Introducing the novel ” Where God ” :
    Novel “Where is God ” collection of short stories printed in 2010 Navarro project editor for the publication and distribution of deposit number as the book came 21188/2010 date 31/10/2010 international numbering 8-74 – 6196-977 .
    Excerpts from the narrator … and Madhirta mention of the words :
    The group includes 11 story containing affect the divine and describe the Almighty Creator ” ” Palmqamr who gambles on human hearts and says: O Lord ( punter ) on the hearts of millions locked .
    He described the author of God Almighty in his story six -Hassan on the lips of the hero ( he had seen the Lord in his palace sits as a king crowned with victory smokes banjo and hashish on Shisha big hit for a thousand meters and Ich white sheets and red and the Angels put universes fire above the stone hookah full of drug ) .
    According to Al- 87.88 : ( Lord said Almichh yolks O my servant will take Your will or without … oh and I have a beauty of a six -Hassan and grocery feet struck and Khbelt my mind and in the same page silent angels after Cote d’ words six Hassan Lord Rahim next to a wall palace and looked to his throne lofty , which has shaken the seven heavens and the exclamation point of refusal woman to his orders and wept in grief at the ignorance of the slaves ) in a story known the man tidying up the fun of worshipers who go to pray inside mosques and accuse those infidels , where God is everywhere and does not need to worship in mosques and in the day that she died Jamuste Balsaqah tried peasants drag it to come out alive looked at the sky from the western side indignantly and said the words, insults frank r 38 ( down O grimy I worked you need Ahan hurt me and aimed my buffalo Balsaqah changed them Akmena because they eat and Bhmiaa and Baalvha every day and you mesh visor limit steals and torment him … and spat on Earth hand sunsets and shouted Gore’s shrewd and fed Bzlmk ) spoke writer in the story of the child Atsal says sarcastically from the straight path : ” I was surprised by the tale of slave and wondered how she walks a fine line Kharh head without lies and testing Abit to the Lord , why can not believe what happened last night ?
    Launch an investigation into the author :
    After his editor / Ahmed Abdel Tawab Hashim complaint to the adviser / Hamdi Farouq the Attorney General Beni Suef against the author Karam Saber Ibrahim Ahmad Husseini director of Navarro for publication and distribution have been pointing to the complaint and complete the investigation before the behalf of BPA District where the incident Bazbp Rashwan of the Center for BPA was record number 1526 for the year 2011 administrative BPA under the supervision of achieving Mr. prosecutor advisor / Ahmad Hbria the investigation began on 04/23/2011 AD in the presence of both the ” author ” Ahmed Abdel Tawab Hashim and Mahmoud Ibrahim Taha ” witness ” and the lawyer / Mohammed Sayed Tantawi .
    Witness statements confirm the words of the editor :
    The words of the editor as follows: to obtain the novel “Where is God ” from Mahmoud Ibrahim Taha resident Taha Bayshah Center BPA – and resurrection investigate novel Bazbp Rashwan of the village of Taha Bisha – and question the child , ” Fatima Imad Mr. ” for narrator , which I got from her grandfather and has handed over to the wife witness / Mahmoud Ibrahim Taha – and asked the people of Homestead for the novel and its author – and confirm the parents attend Author Karam Saber and resurrection of distributing copies of the novel by hand on many of the farmers and for the editor on the mobile number author – and the establishment of a parents to register a phone call confirming the author sends a group of Copy the expulsion of my closed and attendance to cultural symposium – and already has been received the parcel your novel in its history 16/4/2011 AD and handed over to the District on behalf of BPA , ” issued by the land Center for human Rights ,” came the words of Mahmoud Ibrahim , stressing those words.
    In its history 12/6/2011 AD made ​​, ” Mr. Hussein Sayed Gad molar ” very student / Fatima , testified before a prosecutor BPA and confirmed what had already been said in the words of both the Editor / Ahmed Abdel Tawab and witness / Mahmoud Sayed Taha – came as FBI inquiries uncertain All of the statements said .
    Re -Azhar and the Church :
    The one people send a copy of the novel to Al-Azhar , ” the Islamic Research Academy ” has been tested and the issuance of a report from the relevant committees in the speech closed to on behalf of BPA in its history 11/05/2011 AD asserts that ” the novel unfit for publication and circulation and is working on the demolition of values, ideological , intellectual and moral and working to tear the fabric of the Egyptian .. the editor sends a copy of the novel to the church to give its opinion on the novel after examination and prefer Father ” Francis Fred ” agent Bishopric Beni Suef Copts Apostolic left no written response sealed with the seal of the Church as a formal and index it in action confirms ” disapproval reportedly novel of encroachment and affect the divine words and improper used in writing and explicit rejection of absolute ridicule the writer of the provisions of the laws and religions. ”
    The response to the fatwa committee preaching and Beni Suef valuation in response to complex Islamic Mission refused mentioned in the novel is over and he jumped from the divine .
    Karam Saber refuses to appear before the prosecutor :
    For his part, did not attend to Karam Saber Saraya prosecutors center BPA despite addressing detectives and send many references to where it lives in Cairo and contented himself with sending a lawyer / Mohammed Hijazi sound familiar to the minutes of the case and testified in its history 16/5/2011 m stressing that Chancellor legal union general counsel Egypt and Karam Saber Ibrahim, a lawyer under the number 90 657 under Egypt’s Bar Association and has access to the minutes of the inferences and public prosecution investigations .
    The issuance of a new novel and to provide another communication :
    Did not care Karam Saber communiqué which gave him and the printing of a second copy of the narrator in 2012 came the editor filed another complaint to the attorney general of prosecutions Beni Suef called for the need to confiscate the stories first edition and the second completion of the procrastination and the investigation into the case and attach to the complaint a photocopy of the cover first edition and the second and a picture of the site ” journey ” Invitee Karam Saber was pointing to the complaint from the Attorney General Beni Suef and attached to the case file .
    The reported investigation of criminal investigation and national security health of those facts and that the accused intended incitement to polytheism and disbelief and contempt of religion .
    The use of the media to stir up the corrupt public opinion :
    The Karam Saber exploiting organizations, human rights and freedoms and the media corrupt newspapers and sites to stir up public opinion in an attempt to pressure the court’s decision in the opposition and the proof of this (published in Al-Ahram Canadian history 13/06/2013 under the title of ” the subject of debate in cultural circles .. the prison sentence against writer Karam Saber five years in prison for contempt of religion ” .. ( surprised Karam Saber author story collection ,” Where God , “published in the end of 2010, ruling him in custody for 5 years and did not inform him of the existence of any third communiqué against him .. ) and published in the magazine ‘s history Aziz / 12 6/2013 under the title of ” imprisonment of 5 years of the writer Karam Saber on charges of” contempt of religion ” and the words of the Director of the Arabic Network for human Rights Information, Gamal Eid ( the Karam Saber author of the story collection Where God ” issued at the end of 2010 ” surprised judgment ” and did not inform him of any point of the existence of communication against him .. ) and many other newspapers , ” this is contrary to what stated in the words of Karam Saber and his lawyer Mohammed Hijazi Salim in 2011 in several newspapers and websites is fully aware of the communiqué which was submitted against him has sent a lawyer to on behalf of the PBA briefed on the record and the investigation.
    He has a lawyer Karam Saber belonging to human rights organizations to work in opposition to the rule issued by the under No. inventory 8729 2013 After many meetings and the insistence of the defense lawyers to reply to the Commission Fatwa Egyptian novel as a competent advisory opinion and opinion came the reply confirming with the provisions of the report examine the complex Islamic Mission The novel unfit for publication and circulation was upheld his sentence of five years in prison .
    The investigation has confirmed that the national security and criminal investigations and probes the public prosecutor to Karam Saber Ibrahim was accused of using religion as a work of literature to promote their extremist ideas with a view to sedition and contempt and disdain for a heavenly religions and sects belonging to it and harming national unity and Islamic religion and that the novel calls to atheism and infidelity and polytheism and demolition values ​​ideological The intellectual and moral .
    It turned out that he covers up behind the center of the earth and distributes novel peasants simpletons have sent the copies of the novel in the package is closed to the witness on the case , Mahmoud Ibrahim, Taha wrote the expulsion from the outside 76 Republic Street, Building 67 eighth floor , the same title of the Land Center for Human Rights .
    Fifth column and communicating with foreign countries :
    Published several newspapers and websites of Al-Ahram and the seventh day, and the Journal of the Arab consciousness and a coalition of the Liberal and the other in 2011, details the issue of communicating with foreign countries ( ( foreign funding and the fifth column (3) the most dangerous institutions associated with the U.S. intelligence supported the Egyptian organizations after the January revolution ) (f) ( report of the fact-finding committee for foreign funding ) ) objectives of U.S. funding for civil society organizations Egyptian ) and proven in publishing that the land Center for human Rights, which works Karam Saber on his administration has received $ 25 thousand dollars within the organizations that have received funds from abroad with a view to disseminating extremist ideas secular revolution after January 25.
    And the editor does not seek to fame and bring attention also claims lawyer Karam Saber in newspapers and websites do not belong to any political party or Muslim and the proof is that all newspapers and websites to provide the author in 2011 to the present time in 2014 published the matter to the universe made ​​communication a total of lawyers or a group of citizens and persons ..!
    There are no daily newspapers and one of the Islamic and affiliate sites you publish details of the incident and the case so far have not resorted to any party or group of Islamic
    If the freedom to express ideas and opinions goal and an essential requirement is looking for a person without a doubt .. whether it’s the expression verbally or in writing or a work of art must be controls and laws governing ideas and opinions to ensure the protection of society from strife and conflict , especially if it comes to talking about religions and sanctuaries , and when the community made ​​up of many cultures and religions .
    If it becomes the expression of aggression and encroachment and flipped the equation has become a crime to be punished because they are messing with the security and safety of the community .

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