Northside Neighbors: Knocking on the Door of The Northside Chronicle

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The Northside Chronicle's Office

Photo: TJ Murphy

Pittsburgh’s Northside is made up of eighteen different neighborhoods, and just as each of these vibrant neighborhoods is unique, so are its residents. Artists, journalists, and activists are just a few kinds of people who call this part of the city home, and Sampsonia Way is knocking on their doors for its new video series, Northside Neighbors. So if you live in this area, look out, because we might be knocking on your door next!

For our first installment, Sampsonia Way knocked on the door of Kelsey Shea, managing editor of The Northside Chronicle, in December 2012. The Chronicle is the only community newspaper devoted specifically to Pittsburgh’s Northside and has been running since 1985. Beside delivering to all eighteen neighborhoods, the newspaper posts all its stories online as well as providing a forum for readers to share upcoming local events. Shea talked to Sampsonia Way about the importance of community newspapers in the digital age, what makes these neighborhoods unique, and her favorite local spots.

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