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  • Map of Islamic Caliphate c. 750 AD
    Sedition of Caliphate (Arabic Text)

    Did the ‘Caliphate’ really exist as a political and religious regime for transferring authority through Islamic history? Author Hamdy el-Gazzar comments on Islamic historian Mohammad Abu Rahma’s new book on the fight for authority spanning more than 600 years of Caliphate rule.


  • Kathreen Khavari

    Does Iranian or Middle Eastern heritage mean ‘terrorist’? Yaghoub Yadali examines prejudice and takes a close look at the short film “Brain of Terror,” in which the Iranian-American actress Kathreen Khavari plays 11 characters who are trying determine whether or not they’re terrorists.


  • Tarik Günersel - Turkey Exile Hangout
    Exile Hangout: Turkey

    Writers Tarik Günersel, Pinar Selek, Necati Abay, and Cüneyt Ayral talk via Google Hangout about risking imprisonment for writing against the regime, the pattern of repression against opposition writers, the government’s crackdown on free press, and the condition of writing in exile.