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Sampsonia Way
Writing from the 'rag and bone shop of the heart...'Our Wounds, Our Sorrow, Our Joys~ A Writing Workshop
Graham St Writers Exchange 
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM  
Description and Reader Names: Writing the stories of our lives brings forth the natural healing of grieving. We are designed to heal from the 'thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to.' Yet sometimes our healing gets stuck, especially when we have experienced the shocks of abuse, trauma, neglect, alcoholism, or addictions. Clearing ourselves of unmourned grief through writing and group support allows us to ease up on our negative protective patterns. We can become more of who we truly are, breathing easier, finding our voice, speaking up or down, caring more or less, dancing till dawn or sitting this one out, writing (or not) the great novel, memoir, or poem that sings.

Join us for a 3 session writing workshop to explore this subject facilitated by family therapist and Personal Journal Writing Workshop facilitator Jeanne Zell.
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321 S. Graham St 
Laurie Arnold 
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