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Sampsonia Way
Writing About Place
Creative Nonfiction 
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM  
Description and Reader Names: Join Creative Nonfiction on Saturday, March 17th for their “Writing About Place” workshop. Writing is all about exploring the world around you, whether that's another country or your own neighborhood.

You must be passionate and curious to venture out into the world, and you must also bring those same vibrant emotions to your writing. Do you remember how you felt the last time you traveled to a new place or perhaps your favorite place? Excited, surprised, invigorated, hopeful? How can we create writing that evokes those feelings in our readers?

Whether you’re looking for professional and paying gigs, writing (or thinking about writing) a travel blog, or just seeking to capture memories and emotions as personal momentos, this day-long workshop is for you.

During this workshop you will examine a variety of forms and approaches to writing about place. Learn essential elements to crafting engaging stories. Draft a short essay. Discuss potential markets for publishing and leave having written a sample editorial pitch.

Tickets are $79 before early registration. After February 26th, tickets are $105.

No advance preparation is required, and writers of all levels are welcome. Participants are welcome to bring a piece they’ve been working on.
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