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  • chimera pantoum

    “the protein slapped inside thin elastic pink tracts/ a forgotten closet in her skin tucked into flesh/ in every organ cancerous/ her fetal cells wait/ her skin behind her breast scratched ribs”


  • Tree of Life

    by Michael Simms

    “When the young man wearing a yarmulke/ Asks Excuse me sir are you Jewish?/ I want to say yes/ I’ve studied history and know/ Something about suffering,/ But that’s not what he means.”


  • pittsburgh sun

    by Mehrnaz Tiv

    “She flows like petals, just as soft and as sweet,/Drowning these western slopes in lush tonics of springtime./June she blooms, then in august she glows./ The pittsburgh sun sticks like jasmine honey.”


  • Requiem 21

    by Lindsay Surmacz

    “Your strength is what made you The Great One./ Not the might that scarred the sky three thousand times,/ but the will that forged broomsticks and soup cans/ into silver scepters and golden gloves.”


  • Apricot Jam

    by Erin Hyatt

    Here, it is always 1985.
    There is spoiled chicken
    salad on the patio furniture;
    there are apricots
    rotting on the ground.
    I sink my teeth into July,
    and boil orange fruit to the bone
    on a gasoline fire that stinks
    like rust. Just down the road,
    an old tractor hums back to life.


  • Heartbeat Line

    by Kayla Sargeson White car/no “Lyft” sticker. He bops his head to his friend’s mixtape, some wannabe Lil Pump shit. Do you want a donut? he says. Hands me a yellow store bag, cold maple donuts […]