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  • Letter to my Grandson
    Letter to My Grandchild

    “A drop in an ocean leads a richer life than a lake. / Approach with care, contribute, and celebrate.” Turkish author Tarik Günersel shares a poem dedicated to his young grandson.


  • Tarik Günersel - Turkey Exile Hangout
    Exile Hangout: Turkey

    Writers Tarik Günersel, Pinar Selek, Necati Abay, and Cüneyt Ayral talk via Google Hangout about risking imprisonment for writing against the regime, the pattern of repression against opposition writers, the government’s crackdown on free press, and the condition of writing in exile.


  • Departure

    “Despite all sense of belonging and nationality, nobody can make you stay in a place that is dangerous and unfavorable to you.” Exiled writer Israel Centeno on the power of leaving and the pain of leaving Venezuela.